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Open-minded Education at Your Fingertips

We're a continuously evolving open-minded education system that's reconnecting the world online, and offline.

We are entrepreneurs is fast becoming the ‘place to be’ for all aspiring entrepreneurs.


Here, we partner with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, speakers, mentors, coaches and authors, to bring you an education certain to unlock your inner potential. ​

wae is a must for any entrepreneur serious about their personal and professional development.


A New Learning Experience

We're creating a new kind of education. One with no boundaries, no ceilings and no walls. 


Wisdom, advice, stories, teaching and more.

knowledge sharing from the entrepreneur community.


A community of like-minded people; who think positive thoughts, like to connect, learn and add value to each other's lives.


A never-ending journey. We're partnering with coaches, experts, authors and teachers around the globe.

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Continuous Progression.​​

Learn. Develop. Progress.

We're a community that's obsessed with personal development and growth. Together, we help people live a more successful, happy, and fulfilled life. We show people how to unlock their inner potential and push themselves to new heights.

Network. Connect. Collaborate.

We're taking online networking back to the old school days. The days when you weren't bombarded with distracting time-wasting adverts. The days when you didn't get trapped into push notifications and unnecessary irrelevant alerts. The days when you actually wanted to network and had a true interest in the feed that was being shown. Our platform is push notification free, advert free and alert free. It's an entrepreneurial social network that's designed for networking, connecting and collaborating. That's it. You can take the wasted time you would have invested in adverts and invest it in your future.  

Join wae

Trusted Entrepreneur Services

We're partnering with business owners and freelancers offering trusted entrepreneurial services through wae, and our network.

Video Production

Make your dreams move to life with wae video production. Our team are award-winning and offer full service video production worldwide. 


We believe in empowering Startups, SMEs and Entrepreneurs.

 Our team offer efficient, affordable accounting to entrepreneurs in the UK.

Google Growth

Experience long-term organic growth with wae Google Growth. Our team have over 12 years experience.

Business Plan

From business overviews to executive summaries. We provide full market analyses and financials with the wae Business Plan.


What People are Saying

Don't just take our word for it...

"We are entrepreneurs has been an amazing place for me to develop my knowledge."

Jake Mattock

"The support and expertise you get from the people in this company is second to none."

Steph O'Connor

"It's fresh, it's pure, it's powerful. w-a-e has brought a new business model to the world."

Nina Mazurova


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